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Virtual reality is a type of technology that enables you to exist in a three-dimensional digital world with your real senses and movements.

In this game you can walk in real sense, escape from the abuses you come across, face your acrophobia, or you can offer a virtual tour of an estate to your customers, visit New York, or swim in a pool full of sharks.

VR Arena

The Newest Technology!
You've never tried anything like this before. With the high-tech equipment offered by VR Arena, you will be able to enter a different world, disconnect from the real world, transform your movements into reality in the virtual world, and turn into a new reality in another world.

Cyprus Virtual Reality Center Newest Technology

Do not just sit down!
We provide you with enough space to act as you wish. You can walk, turn round and jump. Our VR systems are state-of-the-art and offer experiences that other devices can not provide. You can now leave the real world and see, hear and feel the virtual world.

Cyprus Virtual Reality Center Newest Systems

Are you ready for a real gaming experience?